Bid Schedule
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Bid Schedule

Project - Caswell Building HVAC Air Distribution Renovation
Bid date - August 17, 2017 | 03:00 pm

Location- Albemarle, NC

Owner- NC Department of Administration
Architect- Dewberry Engineers, Inc.
Description- For each air system, the AHU serving the floor will be replaced. The medium pressure supply ductwork will be re-used as much as possible up to the terminal air units. On each floor, fan powered terminal units will be provided to replace existing and low pressure ductwork downstream of the terminal units, up to and including supply air devices will be replaced. Hot water distribution piping will be extended from the mechanical rooms on each level to serve the distributed terminal units.
Chilled water & hot water for the AHU's will be extended from existing piping risers located in the mechanical rooms on each level. Current, each air system utilizes a return air plenum which will remain as the return air path to the units. New return air grilles are to be provided. Ceilings will be replaced in areas indicated. Lighting is existing and will be temporarily supported during construction and re-installed in existing or new ceilings as indicated. Electrical work will be limited to providing power connections to mechanical equipment. The new AHU will have DDC that will be integrating into the existing building automation system. Any new fire alarm devices will tie into the existing fire alarm system.

Base Bid- portion of the 1st floor served by AHU-1, 4th floor served by AHU-4 and 5th floor served by AHU-5
Alternate Bid- basement served by AHU-B
Alternate Bid- 2nd floor and a portion of the 1st floor served by AHU-2 


Project - Sparta Elementary School Auditorium Renovations & Additions
Bid date - August 22, 2017 | 02:00 pm

Location- Sparta, NC

Owner- Alleghany County Board of Education
Architect- Pinnacle Architecture
Description- Base bid work consists of a new elevator shaft, new machine room-less elevator, new lighting, new ceiling grid, reworking existing restrooms including new terrazzo flooring with ceramic tile on walls, new Bard units and additional restroom for teachers. 

Alternate #1- provide and install a new HVAC system in Auditorium 

Alternate #2- replace all windows in existing two-story building

Alternate #3- place epoxy terrazzo flooring in the two-story building corridors 100 & 200 and vestibules 101, 201 & 210.

Project - NCNG Raleigh Facility Maintenance Latrine Renovation
Bid date - August 22, 2017 | 02:00 pm

Location- Raleigh, NC

Owner- NC National Guard
Architect- MHAworks
Description- Renovations to the Latrines at the National Guard Raleigh Facility.

Project - RCCC Building #300 Waterproofing
Bid date - August 23, 2017 | 03:00 pm

Location- Salisbury, NC

Owner- Rowan-Cabarrus Community College
Architect- JC Waller & Associates, PC
Description- Waterproofing building foundation to prevent water intrusion into the basement level, connecting the roof drain leaders into the storm drainage system and site grading improvements that convey storm water runoff away from the building and sidewalk repairs.

Project - New Generators for NC Correctional Instution for Women
Bid date - August 24, 2017 | 02:00 pm

Location- Raleigh, NC

Owner- NC Department of Public Safety
Architect- Central Engineering / DPS
Description- Installation of 2 new diesel generators with automatic transfer switches, service entrance rated breaker, transformer, switchgear and related components.

Project - NCNG Parkton Facility Building Renovations
Bid date - August 31, 2017 | 02:00 pm

Location- Parkton, NC

Owner- NC National Guard
Architect- LS3P
Description- Renovations and repairs to the existing 15,830 SF Facility including window replacement with abatement of asbestos containing materials, lead remediation, new mechanical systems including a new boiler, new lighting, new finishes and new telecom infrastructure.

Project - NCNG Parkton Facility Site Renovations
Bid date - August 31, 2017 | 02:00 pm

Location- Parkton, NC

Owner- NC National Guard
Architect- LS3P
Description- Site improvements to approximately 6.4 acres including demolition of existing paving, expansion of military vehicle parking areas, new fencing (chain line and ornament), manually operated swing gates, new dumpster pad, grading, landscaping and clearing. Also includes removal of existing on grade propane tank and associated pad and piping; installation of a new below ground propane tank and all associated piping.  The propane service supports heating and hot water in the existing and to-be renovated facility. Site electrical work includes site lighting and the addition of a manual transfer switch to support a portable generator.

Project - OWASA Administration Building HVAC Replacement
Bid date - August 31, 2017 | 03:00 pm

Location- Carrboro, NC

Owner- Orange Water & Sewer Authority
Architect- McKim & Creed
Description- Replacement of the HVAC system including the following:

  • Remove (1) indoor AHU and (3) rooftop packaged units and installing (3) new rooftop 4-pipe AHU's with VFD's on the supply and return fans
  • Remove all existing terminal units and installing new terminal units with HW reheat coils
  • Replace the existing boiler and AC chiller with (2) new water-source heat recovery chillers
  • Replace (4) existing inline pumps and installing (6) new inline pumps with VFD's
  • Install new building automation system